Welcome To Learn To Live Again

Learn to Live Again is about growing  healthy relationships                                                                                           Is your relationships with Jesus in need help?                                                                                                                    Is the closes you get to others through twitter or face book                                                                                       Do you feel isolated from God at times ?                                                                                                                      
Learn to Live is about putting God at the center of all our relationships                                                             Learn to Live Again is all about  growing meaningful, rewarding, relationships with God and others that are  emotionally satisfying and meet the hearts need.  Being a follower of Jesus should be an awe inspiring experience, full of those God moments.  Moments where the Bible comes alive and the truths about Jesus permeates into our lifestyle effecting our relationship with God and  others.                     
Learn to Live Again  is about building personal confidence in God.                                                                         When we think about the past some of us lament that things have changed, for others we regret what we did. Weather we regret or lament the past. It is in moments like this that God reminds us who He is :  His name is “I AM”  when you  revisit the past, with its enjoyments satisfactions or  mistakes and  regrets, it is hard because the “I Am” is not there.  His name is not “I WAS”   When you live in the future, with its problems, fears, and expectations it is hard because the “I Am” is not there either  His name is not “I Will BE”    When you live in the moment, it is not hard at all even though there is uncertainty, unpredictability and constant change. It is not hard because the “I Am” is always there                
What a brilliant thought that stimulate our confidence in the ability of God’ s presence Just to know that the “I Am” is always  present with us no matter what. Some people get their confidence from the things they treasure others the ideas they value. Our confidences should comes from God                                         
The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed,  a refuge in times of trouble. If we live without this kind of confidence we will fall short of the potential that God has put within us.  Becoming half-hearted, disillusioned discouraged and despondent about God’s ability. To grow in confidence with God and be fruitful as a  Christian is to learn how to draw on Christ daily for our strength.  When we have the great I AM with us and we trust in His name then we have  the confidence the Philippians church did                   
Philippians 1.1-30   We can have confidences in Christ                                                                                            Philippians 1.1-3     To build relationships with others.                                                                                           Philippians 1.6        In His ability to  complete what He started.                                                                                 Philippians 1. 8       In His character to grow something good.                                                             Philippians 1.12      In His protection through every trial.                                                                                        Philippians 1.14      In His commitment to  overcome bad circumstances                                                           Philippians 1.18      In His authority to take every opportunity                                                                                  Philippians 1.20     In His promises to take us into eternity